Cod2 & cod4 community!

We are still here! Give back app! #clanbase #xfire


CoD2 for life



I do miss the good 'ol days when CoD was still fun for me. I didn’t play many of the titles and was not one to buy every year but the earlier games have a special place for me for sure.

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up cod4 forever

2008 account for cod2 :slight_smile:

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CoD 4 <3

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Rly great game :smiley: good old times.

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Write names of your teams/clans. And where are you from?
Best regards

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I wasn’t a part of the OG community for CoD2/4 on the original xfire because I didn’t really play the game back then. I wish I would have though because looking back, the games were better.


CoD4 <3 CoD2 <3

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Cod2 for me, clans I was in AoW, T~Rex, [V*M], swatz, unstoppable (zombies) played from 2005 to 2012 patch 1.0 and 1.3 (clan base)


Anyone from Italian community?

being in 2006 on [UAN] servers - then getting more and more to [GB]

anyone remember the good old trolling username: vstylerv

CoD4 <3

La-league was a big community in Latin America, COD4 was a hit!! <3

GrZ Soa NDG 24h iD <3

Cod4 is still popular on pc and on steam cod2 not so much any more :frowning: but xfire can change that. :slight_smile:

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Cod2 has some players aswell at least for what im seeing in the public servers :stuck_out_tongue: don’t know compared to 4 tho