Cloud Climber on Steam

Anyone get this game yet and try it out?

I got it in my recommended feed. I mean it is a free game but it sounds interesting. Might DL tonight and see what it is about.

It doesn’t sound like much of a game to me. More of something to just passively drift though. Nothing wrong with that but I can’t see myself staying interested in something like this very long.

I usually will download games like this if they are small enough and free just to give it a try. I have ended up liking a few. There was a rather short one with a fly that came out like 5 years ago or something. It was cool to just look at everything.

Never heard of it. Not very likely for me to play it. I mean the concept is interesting but I am not big on cames where you just walk and explore things. I want to be doing something more than that.

I got it just to check it out. It is different. Not really a game to me. More of just like an explorer style interacting “game”. I am not sure what word I would place there.

I ended up downloading it and yeah, it was not what I expected. It is alright but I won’t be finishing it. Just not for me. Looks cool though.