Capcom Hack Breached More Data Than Originally Thought

I don’t know if anyone remembers this but back in November, a hacking event into Capcom has personal data mined from their network. New news is out about it and it is being reported that they have gained the private information of 16,415 people. Pretty scary! To think a big name company like this can be hacked. Gotta be careful who you do business with and who you trust with your information I suppose.

Wow that is bad. Isn’t this the Japanese branch that was breached or is this the entire network? I do remember hearing about it but I never looked into the details.

It doesn’t matter what the company, a data breach is bad news bears. Even if it is just 100 people, a lot of damage could be done. My brother was on a site that was breached. He had his card number stolen and used. Also had random mail coming in and spam to his cell after that. It was a mess.

Hasn’t every major social media website had bigger data leaks than this? 16k is pathetic and they probably deserve it that they didn’t lock things up better lol

We all know Facebook’s “breaches” have been done on purpose. Lying lizard man should be in prison already but nope, he keeps getting away with selling people’s data.

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Does Facebook have actual data breaches? I thought Zucc and the gang were pretty open about straight-up selling your shit to terrorists and chinx.

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He is transparent about it… NOW. Since he got caught. Dude is a legit criminal. I think Drag0nmas meant “breaches” as a sarcastic response.

Hackers gonna hack.

Let this be a lesson that you can never be too safe. A buddy of mine used to have hacking attempts monthly on his graphic design forum. It was insane.

Yeah I mean this has happened on other sites and will continue to happen because there are always people looking for ways around code. This is why you need to keep on top of updates when you run a website.

My friends minecraft server gets hackers trying to get in daily. People just probe for data