Breath of the Wild 2?

I am late to the leak but what else is new? lol

So I see that there was an accidental leak for a new Zelda game that is supposedly going to release this year and it will be in the form of a sequel for Breath of the Wild. It appears to be a game where you may be able to not only play as Link but Zelda too. Interesting! I think the first one was really great and this would not be surprising since it is the 35th anniversary for Zelda this year.

I think that would be something that a lot of fans would enjoy, if true. I mean I saw the leaked cover. Maybe it will function as a two-player game? Like one where if you play by yourself, you play one character and switch off depending on what you need for puzzles or you can play with a friend and each select which character you want to play.

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^ That would be a nice concept to give a try for a new game. Not sure if I would like it or not.

I am just used to Zelda being a solo game though.

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Have they done sequels like this in the past? I don’t remember this being a thing for this title. Like, not directly. I know the stories can be connected but yeah, I don’t remember there being anything that ties them in title.

I don’t care what they call it, the fact that we might get a new Zelda game in 2021 is a good thing. Sucks though that I had to play the first one on a friend’s Switch because I have yet to find one to buy.

I want to get hyped for this but I want to wait and see. Like Breath of the Wild was a good game, I didn’t like it as much as other titles in the past but it was good for a first Zelda game for the Switch. They set the bar very high for the next one.

It wasn’t a leak. It was shown back in 2019. The surprise was that it might be out this year. The game was delayed because of COVID from my understanding and was meant to come out sooner. Here is the trailer:


Considering there are talks about the next console already, I am not surprised they are trying to get this one out ASAP. There are a lot of decent titles coming out this year for the console as well. I wonder if they are planning a new launch for 2022.

I don’t know if it would have came out last year even without COVID because it was in development in 2019. My guess is they had started the game earlier that year so at the earliest, it would have gotten a 4th quarter release but they seem to aim for second quarter releases to target their child audience (school being out for summer and all).

I like that Zelda will be with you, it seems, for the adventure. I don’t know how the mechanics will be but I am sure the game will be loved. A lot of people still talk about the first one and still play it.

I completely forgot about that! I actually did watch it too. Wow, goes to who what a number 2020 did to my brain. I feel like all the good things from 2019 were erased or something.

I think a lot of people did. I saw people talking about it like it was something we only just heard about. Don’t feel bad man. 2020 got the best of all of us lol

I have a friend who is pretty big into the franchise and while he remembered them showing it, he didn’t remember it was meant to be another BotW game so no worries dude.

They announced development for BoW2 in 2019, but due to COVID and other matters, no one outside of Nintendo was sure when it would arrive. So pretty much the leak is that it’s going to be this year, 2021, that it will be released. It’s also rumored that it will soon follow with the announcement of what the next Nintendo console will be (in planning or pre-production stages).

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I heard about this. I know they intended on making the game and then it was delayed or pushed on the backburner but recent rumors have almost certainly confirmed there will be a second game to the series. The thing that I didn’t hear about was the new console. Interesting!

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