Black desert online remasted free on steam

free game

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This is actually a game I never looked into. I remember hearing about it back in 2016/2017 but completely forgot about it. I mean, it is free so I may as well give it a try. Thanks for posting this!

I remember this game being a huge deal but a lot of people got mad because of the pay to win mechanics. Apparently, the OG owners recently bought the game back too and are looking to add new stuff to it. I guess this is part of that, making it be free to get more people playing again.

It was a very hyped up game. And then people realized only the wallet whales could fully enjoy it. That’s the kind of ass-backwards money grabbing that don’t get customer goodwill and karma bites back down the road. Only World of Warcraft can get away with that (although it can be argued Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls do, too), mainly due to brand recognition.

I had considered downloading it but after watching reviews on it, I changed my mind. You can be good in the game without paying for anything but you can’t be high level and be good enough to compete with people who buy everything.

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Nice one thanks I got it

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