Best gaming headset for under $80?

I am looking to buy a new set. Mine stopped working in the right and the mic was never that great. I was considering getting a Razer one but it would have to be on sale. I think the normal ones are $100+ but I could be wrong. Any suggestions?

You might be looking at different models than be but there are Krakens for much less than you might think. The one I have was $50. I got it from Bestbuy. I think it is just called the Kraken X. It comes in black and white. I got the black one. It held up for almost 3 years for me before I had to get a new one.

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What kind of headset do you want exactly? Do you want one that ports into a controller? A USB mic? Something that functions through ports instead?

What is more important to you, sound or mic? I think unless you spend $120+, either the mic or the headset itself will take a hit. I know some that have one or the other that work amazing but you have to choose.

I have a Turtle Beach Recon 50 headset. It sounds superb, in my opinion even better than a colleague’s $500+ audiophile setup (I think he has a Beyerdynamic DT880 and a Shure SM7B if you’re wondering)

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Bose QC35 headphones if you can find them on sale, these provide supreme comfort and almost massage my ears as I wear them all day! I love it when my ears are touched (by technology or otherwise…).

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^ Someone needs to chill the heck out…

Anyway, I think most budget headsets these days for mics are good enough. I mean I got one that was $25 I think and the mic is not the best but people hear me just fine and I think the sound quality works well. I can’t remember the brand but it is a Chinese one with a wolf logo.

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I think I know the brand you are talking about. I have a pair of black and white ones. Are they SADES? While they are not the best out there, I have had some doubly the price that were far worse.

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I don’t think that is true. One of my friends has a $50 headset and the mic and sound is pretty good on it. They just don’t make the model anymore. I think it was a Turtle Beach one. It looks ugly but functions great.

Maybe that is the case for a few kinds out there but most of the time, you are sacrificing something. I think it is better to spend more in the long run since the product is likely to last you awhile where as you spend $50, you will probably need to replace it in 1 to 2 years every time.

I use the HyperX CloudX headset and the mic quality is fantastic on it as well as the sound. You can get it for $80 or less if/when it is on sale.

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Was going to mention this brand as well. I use a different model but HyberX makes solid headsets and in all sorts of price points without skimping too much on quality.

Thanks for all your feedback guys. I have added every suggestion to a list and will make comparisons before I buy anything. I like to watch review videos on YouTube for any tech-related stuff I am going to buy before buying.