Best CoD2 Zombies?

Shout out for the OG Call of Duty 2 MP zombie players, where you at?

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CoD2 zombies? I don’t even remember that game having zombies though to be fair, the last CoD game I played was that Ghosts one and the one I have the most memories from is Black Ops II.

Do you mean Black Ops II zombies?

If so, I LOVED that game. I didn’t even buy the game to play the campaign or the standard multiplayer. I got it because I had so much fun on Zombies. I still wish they would make a standalone game just for that style of play.

Actually call of duty 2 had several zombies servers, it ofcourse was a mod. I ran Disco’s Zombies for better part of two years on 1.2

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I remember these modded servers. They were a lot of fun. I wish modern CoD games allowed this kind of stuff. I have a soft spot for older games because of the modding potential.

I’m think about throwing a cod2 zombies server back up, Im not sure how populated it will be but its worth it lol