Beautiful Doom Version 7.0.0

For anyone who plays this modded variant of the game, a new version is available. Thought I would post it here in case anyone else plays it.

You can get more information about it here:


Getting this right now. I remember hearing about it a few weeks back and completely forgot it was coming out this week. Thanks for posting it. I am sure I would have realized it eventually but now I can enjoy the rest of my Sunday with some good 'ol fashioned demon violence.

I remember reading about this but I never actually downloaded it and played it. Is it just a basic download and run game or do you need an emulator to run it? Or does it run off the actual game itself like I would have to buy it on Steam?

It is a mod for the game.

You need the game and then this runs with it.

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There are so many mods, maps, and everything for this game it is insane. I love that the devs decided to keep the game opensource so people can play with it like this.