Badgehunters Unite!

Hey all,

In the game City of Heroes/Villains I used to be an avid Badge Hunter. I collected every possible exploration badges, achievements, events, etc. …


Seeing that this new shiny Xfire reboot also has Badges I’d like to start this topic to fellow badge hunters to get their badge-fix!
Feel free to quote, @ mention me, like replies, put in links or images (keep it clean tho), link to this topic in other posts, you name it! And I pledge to do the same to help fellow badgers reach their goals :sunglasses:

My current goal: Get this topic to 100 replies!

Wow. No one replied how sad.

Anyone +1 for you OP

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I’m not much of a badge hunter. I have been on several forums over the years and as I have gotten older I cared less about it. I must have glossed over the thread before. I don’t remember seeing it. Consider this my helpful hand to get your thread to 100!

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I didn’t even know this forum had badges LOL I have alerts for them too.

Is there any chance that there will be custom ones added? Maybe a place where they can be displayed as well?

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Extra hugs for you! :hugs:

But it seems people still need to find their way back to Xfire.
And to be honest, badgehunting in City of Heroes was a lonely task at times as well.

That’d be a nice feature. Showing off some sweet Xfire badges…

There are still a lot of people I haven’t seen join yet. Is there anywhere you can attract people back from the old site through social media maybe?

I’d like to see some custom badges myself if it is possible. While I don’t go out of my way like I once did in my younger years, I still like to collect stuff like this just to see how far I have come in a community.

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