Bad news for the UK

So if you haven’t heard, PS5 will not be stocked in the UK until next year so whoever managed to get one, well consider yourself lucky. I don’t see them in stock anywhere anymore but I would imagine things will be better next year for all areas. Production should ramp up.

I wonder what made them decide to stop stocking the console there. Maybe the sales haven’t been as big so they cut them out? Seems silly to me. I can’t see them keeping stock in regularly until late next year, maybe even 2022. Look at the Switch.

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Have to agree on that…

Given how few they have stocked in each location, I can’t see there being regular stock until 2022.

They are hard to find everywhere. I think they want to focus on keeping sales local. Likely keeping them in Japan for a few batches. I can’t blame them. I think Microsoft would do the same if it came down to it.

I have not heard of a PS5 or even an Xbox Series X/S being in stock anywhere around where I live in weeks. I think the last time was for the Black Friday weekend sales.

There was some last-minute stock that supposedly showed up somewhere near London, I have a friend over there. I don’t know if it was down to returns, fixes, or actual stock but people were going mad trying to find them.