Ark II Launching As Exlusive On Xbox Series X/S

Here’s the story on it:

This is interesting. I had no idea it was going to feature Vin Diesel as the main character. He actually looks pretty good in it too. I played the first one on Steam and it had its share of issues but I did enjoy it for awhile. Looking forward to this one.

I didn’t even know this was in the works. I guess this is probably because I skipped out on the awards. I usually check the news but haven’t. Looks like it might be a good game. Similar to Far Cry in a sense.

I’ll likely check this out. I never got into the first game they had. I saw too many negative reviews when I was debating on it and then they started that once a month reset thing and I was not a fan.

I don’t know how good this will do but I will keep my eye on it. It might be the next big game if they do it right. I am assuming it will focus on the story and then have an online mode separate from it.

I don’t know if I could invest in something like this, like actually enjoy this kind of game anymore. I would have loved it 10 years ago but I don’t know about now. I will keep an eye on it though and see what they do with it.

This isn’t a game that will get me to buy the console any sooner but I will check it out when more comes out for it. I don’t know if this would be something I would enjoy or not. I was hoping to see something like Turok be brought back.