Are there more female gamers?

I am seeing more and more “pink” options when it comes to gaming gear. Razer just released a pink version of their Blackwidow V3 keyboard so it made me wonder this. I mean, I still think it tends to be rare in comparison. A lot of people like to sight people like that Sniperwolf chick but most people are aware she was never a “gamer” in the sense of being any good and she used her husband’s gaming footage to appear to be good at games. I would much rather watch or follow females that suck but enjoy gaming than ones that fake it. That is a different topic though.

Do you think there are more female gamers today than there was, say, 10 years ago?

More in what sense? I would say it is the same amount but there are just more options marketed toward them these days. I never understood “pink” being the default for women who play games. Like my wife never owned anything pink. Everything she gets PC or gaming related has been black.

Some people like pink even if theyre not girls…like Kirby

yes there def are more girl gamers… including my ex chicaplaying 🥲 she was actually good at games tho. i agree about the pink stuff being dumb and reinforcing dumb gender norms. nothing wrong with the color itself but as a marketing characteristic to women it is dumb.
i think girls tend to gravitate towards certain types of games where they can play “support” roles like overwatch, wow, and mobas. just my observation tho

Yeah I would say there are more but a lot of them are “mobile gamers” for what it is worth.

I don’t see anything wrong with making pink products for girls because pink is a softer, friendly color but you can’t make it so guys can’t enjoy it either. I mean I know a dude who’s favorite color is pink and he is a body builder. lol

I know several online. I think since there has been a growth in the market of female Twitch streamers and YouTubers and more games for both guys and gals to enjoy, things have changed. Games like WoW, Minecraft, Sims, etc. are all appealing to both male and female gamers alike so just with those games alone, you can see a huge growth.

I think so. I mean I know 5 personally. A few are online and the others are friends. You have to expect more women and girls to be into gaming now that there are more options for them to enjoy. Not all women enjoy first person shooter games but many enjoy games like the Sims.

If someone grows up gaming, they are more likely to do it as they get older. While there are not as many female gamers there are certainly a lot more than there was in the '90s and '00s. I think 2010 up until this point the numbers have drastically gone up.

Yes and no. Gaming as a whole has become a lot more popular and all age groups play them now but in contrast, I don’t think there are that many more women playing. I am sure a lot more girls are playing games but they grow out of it where a lot of boys will bring their gaming interests into their teens and beyond.

Considering there are more gamers than ever before, yea but in contrast to guy gamers… I don’t think the percentages have gone up all that much. This is especially true when you take “mobile gaming” out of the equation.

Valid points from everyone. I feel like the market only just started catching on though maybe 5 years ago. I do remember seeing pink options for things like the 3DS and controllers but keyboards, not so much. I don’t know very many PC gamers who are women. I know far more who play Nintendo.