Apex Legends Not Functioning Well On Nintendo Switch

I am not suprised by this. Other games like warzone are not on the Switch for a logical reason. The console is not built to handle these kinds of games so people should not be shocked by this. I don’t even know if they can fix it. My friend gave it a go on his Switch and yet it runs horribly even with a stable internet connection.

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Yeah, I can’t say I am suprised either. If they can’t get it to function right, they will likely just pull it off the platform and stop running it.

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I wonder if they will have trouble on mobile as well. I know phones and the Switch aren’t quite the same and it would be easier to run this kind of game on a smaller device but still.

I thought it was out for mobile already. If not, it will be out soon and you can check for yourself. The reviews seldom lie about games like this.

No not yet. There are a few fakes out there so be careful of those. I think the mobile version is coming out next week.

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I didn’t think it would run good just for the simple fact that the console is not designed to handle games like this. If you look at the games it can handle in terms of online gameplay, they are not as big or complex as this one.

Yeah, like I said, I am not shocked by this. From my understanding, they are going to try to fix it but if they don’t, I can bet you it is taken off the Nintendo store by the end of the month.

Pretty sure Ark: Survival Evolved is still on the market for switch, and that was an absolute slideshow of a game at launch.

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It was just in January. I only know cause my friend had downloaded it to laugh about it when I was over his house. The game is terrible. They will probably just ignore it and the complaints and leave it up cause #NintedoThings

Wow, how did they mess this one up? I mean the game is hefty but it is cartoonish enough to take out some of the detailing and still have it look and function well enough. It running this bad though, not sure they will bother fixing it.

Well, I guess it will likely stay then and if they happen to fix it, good but if not, I am sure people will still play the broken mess anyways.