Anyone here play Sims 4?

I used to enjoy the earlier games for building, not so much the game play. I am considering getting it and a few of the expansions when they do another sale. Just not sure it is worth it. I heard it is more locked down compared to the past games but I see there is a lot of mods and whatnot which is why I am interested. I just like building houses and buildings.

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I haven’t played since the first one so I can’t honestly tell you. I mean if you want to get an idea for reviews of the games, look at LGRs reviews on YouTube. I know he reviews them. I never watch em cause I don’t play the games but he does good reviews of other things.

I play Sims 4 but rarely… It gets bored after some time imo. And I dont play with mods because I simply don’t like mods at all. :smiley: and i dont own all expansion packs but from time to time i buy one or another lol…

The game is worth it when it is on sale. Like mentioned above, it does get boring after awhile. I got it when it was on sale for $5. I ended up getting a couple expansions over the years but seldom play the game these days. Not that it isn’t a good game or anything, I just lose interest in it after a few weeks.

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The misses plays this game. I think she has almost all of the expansions. I tried to get into it but I just don’t have an interest in the game play and I suck at building. I mean if you enjoy these kinds of games, go for it. I know she gives it high praise.

Buy it on sale. Just buy the base game. It usually sells for $5. This way you won’t be losing that much money if you don’t like the game ya know?