Anyone having sleeping issues?

Sometimes I can’t fall asleep for an hour or two, other times I fall asleep within 20 minutes. Sometimes I sleep 6 hours straight, other times I am waking up every 2 hours. It sucks. I am not sure how to fix this issue but I am sick of being tired on my days off and spending most of the day catching up on sleep. Anyone have sleep issues here? Have you done anything that has helped?

Now and then I do. It helps to spend time outside. I usually only have sleeping issues in the winter because I don’t go out enough. When I do, I try to sit outside for 20 min on sunny days and it seems to help.

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Anytime I have messed up sleep, I stop consuming caffeine and stop eating after 8PM. This allows me to fall asleep around midnight. Since I wake up most days around 7AM, I am able to get enough sleep.

I tend to sleep fine. I could easily sleep 12 hours straight if I let myself. I try to keep it around 8 hours though. My brother has had issues with insomnia since his late teens though and he always swears by this cherry supplement. I can’t remember what it is called but it is nothing but cherry juice from a certain kind of cherry. You can try that.

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Sometimes. I don’t know what causes it. Probably back pain and getting older. If you drink coffee, energy drinks, or soda with caffeine in it, try cutting that out for a week and see if you sleep better.

Yeah recently been having issues staying asleep. I fall asleep pretty fast but wake up like 3 or 4 times a night. Very annoying but I do my best not to nap and eventually I sleep better. If I take naps though, I get stuck in a pattern of not being able to sleep through the night which is awful.

I’ll look into this, thanks. I am all for trying anything natural. My mom tried getting me on some melatonin vitamins she uses but I don’t want to use those. I would rather my body produced its own.

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