Anyone else get hammered with snow?

Got my car stuck in the driveway. Took over an hour to get it unstuck and when I finally did, I was told to just stay home and not come into work. ffs. lol So yeah, we got a good amount of snow here. Nothing like what they said but still a good amount.

We got some snow. Not used to it I can tell you that. Making a bit of a mess really. I know other places get a lot of snow every year but where I am, we only get a few inches a year.

We got about 5 inches I think. Nothing too bad but because it was raining. then started snowing, we have a bit of an ice problem. Went to grab the mail when I got home and slipped on my arse in the driveway lol

Yep, we’re still getting hammered actually. Had to shovel the driveway and clear a foot of snow so we could get out of the driveway. Though, being a Canadian, that’s what ya get. :stuck_out_tongue:

Snow has been lying around for weeks now. it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow here.

We have had snow on and off but didn’t get hit with this latest storm. Anyone down in Texas? looks nuts down there. They had a power outage and a bunch of messes happen. Feel bad for them.

I am in the state everyone loves to hate right now. You can take your guesses. No snow here and we still had 80 degree temps when everyone was freezing their butts off.

I think we got around like 7 inches or something like that which was fine by me considering they were originally saying 15+. It was and still is cold as hell (irony lol) here though. It is looking like it will warm up though.

Snowing right now. They originally said it was going to snow 2 days and then not snow for a week but it has been snowing for 5 days now on and off. Everything is white. Not sure how much snow is out there.

We have continued to get more snow since posting this. A good 7 or so more inches. But at least this time it was spaced out enough to not be as much of a problem. Everything is still white and cold.

The snow finally stopped for us. It has been in the 50’s all day today so most of it has melted. Free at last!

I have been following my weather for the last few weeks and it appears that the bulk of winter is already ending. Last time we had winter end this early, the summer was brutally hot. It is going to already be going back into the 50’s during the day. So this means April will likely have 60 and 70 degree days and May will feel like July!