Anyone else get a refund for Cyberpunk 2077?

I decided to just get a refund. The game has too many issues and the story feels dragged out and slow at times. I was losing interest very early on. The bugs made it all the worse. maybe I will go back and play it next year, maybe not. I don’t know.

I know of several people who got refunded. I didn’t end up getting it yet which I am happy about. I completely understand feeling this way though. They are facing heat and hate for it.

Seems like a lot of people did. What a shame. The game was meant to be something to make the year better for a lot of people, with all we been through and was just another letdown.

Yeah, I did. Was not worth playing on a console. It just took forever to get through small parts of the game. Always crashed, froze, things glitched all over. I will play it again but not until they fix it. I will probably buy it next year after the summer. By then it should have improved.

I didn’t bother getting one. I am still finding ways to enjoy the game and I am hoping they end up fixing it. But who knows.