Any users here from the OG xfire era? (2004-2008)

Hey dudes,

Cool to see Xfire back in the hands of people who remember the original app. Anybody posting here from the OG xfire era? I was mrwtf on the original forums.


I was but I could not tell you what my username was (bad memory lol). I didn’t post often. Was more of a lurker back then. I actually didn’t know it was taken down for a while. Managed to find some communities since then to be a part of but most are either dead or just completely gone so seeing this one come back was a treat. I want to make a point to actually be active this time.


I used to play Halo Custom Edition back in the day, although when I was using xfire I was pretty young, younger than most on the platform for sure. I used to be in a clan called STW, and i was friends with a guy named evpicard I think. I am not sure what my username was back then, it was soooo long ago. Didnt ever go on the forums much though

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I started the Solitaire Revolution.


R u the real mfive?

also Yahoo! It’s been far too long, I hope some old heads come back!!!

yes, the five and only

~ Mfive ~

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I was Tokoyami200 on the original boards ^^. please bring back random social encounters that was such a fun forum!

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I can’t remember what my username was on the old boards but I was indeed there. It has been such a long time though. I only remember a handful of interactions and that is about it. I kind of wish it kept on going instead of having all these years without it.

Playing CoD4 with xFire

Me me me!!! I remember when it had its own IM system like aim but better and cooler looking

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Yo Casey “Casemods” in da house!

OG xfire here. I see my peeps still alive n kicking. Hmu on steam. I’m CASEMODS ok?

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