Any Black Friday deals for games?

I saw that Gamestop announced their countdown with deals. I know most places are doing sales all month and skipping out on the actual Black Friday date because of COVID-19. I am actually glad. I don’t want to see a bunch of places go into lockdowns again. Anyways, if you spot any good deals, post them here.

I haven’t looked into much yet. I see that Gamestop will have Borderlands 3 for $19.99, Devil May Cry 5 for $15.99, Hitman 2 for $14.99, and FIFA 21 for $69.99. I am going to keep an eye out on Steam but I don’t think they run sales, at least not good ones, until closer to Christmas.

I just check stores at random. Like, check Walmart, Target, and other big chains. They switch out what is on sale every 2 to 4 days so when games and gaming consoles do go on sale, you have to kind of be ready for it. I know some stuff has been announced in advance though.

There are some that just started for Sony.

If you are in the US, check here:

The link should update and change your location if you are outside the US.

Walmart and Target will be having deals starting this Wednesday for anyone who is interested in checking those stores out. I think most of these “black Friday” specials will go from 9PM Wednesday until Saturday.

Found a gaming laptop that is $250 off. I mean, this is a pretty solid deal if you are in the market for one/want one. Check it out:

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Going to pass this one along to a friend. His laptop actually just took a crap on him and he was looking to spend under $500 on a gaming PC but hasn’t found a good one yet. This one has good specs.

Thanks for sharing guys. I am seeing more pop up even now that November is over. I guess they are just going to keep sales going up until Christmas for last minute shoppers.