Analyst Predictions For Top Console Seller of 2021

Mat Piscatella a markets analyst has predicted that the console that will have the best sales in 2021, much like 2020, will continue to be the Nintendo Switch. I feel like this is down to the fact that it is still hard to find. Soon as they are stocked they are sold. I think once we get into the second quarter, both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be more readily available and have a boost but fall short nearing the end of the year as Nintendo dominates again.

I can’t see them ending on top, not this year. Sony and Microsoft will be making consoles and stocking them at a faster rate and while they are more expensive, they are still shiny and new. People like to get the new consoles as soon as possible.

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Yeah, this is what I was thinking. It seems like Nintendo always has the upper hand to begin with but a lot of people are more concerned with getting a new PS or Xbox at this point.

Nintendo will probably come out on top after the next holiday season. People tend to buy this system for kids and plenty of kids still don’t have it. The bulk of Christmas shopping is shopping for children as well.

I always see “analyst predicts” and 50% of the time, they are wrong.

I have seen it in sports, politics, and yet… Gaming. I don’t know what they follow but it seems like half of it is just lucky guessing.