Among Us - New map coming soon

For anyone who still plays the game, they have a new map coming out on the 31st. It is going to be an airship map this time. I got the game but haven’t played in awhile do to the hacking but if my friends wanna mess around with the new map, I will probably play a bit.

The game was fun for a short time but I don’t know anyone who still plays it. That is not to say it isn’t still popular with people. I am sure a new map will get people playing again.

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If they want to stay relevant they are going to have to keep the maps coming out and they should try doing some kind of themed maps that are inspired by pop-culture or other games. I know they would likely face some licensing stuff but it would be worth the investment to keep the game a live.

I didn’t know this was still popular because the memes died off almost entirely. I see plenty still play it. I mean this is a cheap/free game that any age can enjoy so I am not surprised it had success.

I ma happy for the creators, I really am. The game didn’t keep me interested long enough to care at this point about playing the game ever again but the fact that they blew up in seemingly one of the worst years in modern history (2020) I have to do a slow clap.

Oh same for sure. I know so many people that got hit bad in 2020 so it is nice to hear of those success stories, even now.