Among Us Comes To The Switch

As of today, the Nintendo Switch has launched Among Us with crossplay. I expect an influx of kids to join the madness now, even more so than before. It is 5 USD in the store since there are no ads run on it like on mobile.

This is one game I did not see blowing up. I got it on PC back in like March or something before it was insanely popular. I had fun with it with friends but to play online now without your own crew, insanely hard. At least hackers won’t be on the Switch but still, cross-platform means they will be exposed to it.

I am shocked they are charging for it but I guess they may as well milk it while they can. I can’t imagine this still being popular much longer. I give it until March 2021. They will have to keep releasing new maps and such to keep people interested and even then, it is a toss up.

Yeah they want to get money out of it. I would too though. I hope it keeps going for them. I am all for indie gamers finding success in these times. Godspeed to them man. The little guy needs to eat too.

I wonder why they didn’t have it on Switch sooner. I mean the game came out in 2019 I think. It just didn’t see any signs of growth until near the end of summer.

Well, this can be added to a list of games I still can’t play on the Switch because I can’t find a Switch. LOL I don’t know what Nintendo is doing but they really need to get more consoles out.