Amazon's buy 2, get 1 free sale is back!

For anyone looking to pick up a few games right now and get a good deal on them, you can check out what Amazon has to offer. I think Target is doing the same sort of deal this week as well.

You can look at the selection here:

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I will check these deals out, thanks!

Do you know how long this sale lasts for? I had no idea this was even a thing for Amazon. I only recently signed up for their Prime membership.

They do sales like this all the time but they do the best ones in November. It is usually during Cyber Week so be sure to check the week after Thanksgiving (US).

I am going to make use of this sale for some gifts. I have like 7 people I need to buy gifts for under the age of 21. I always default to games because 6 of the 7 are guys/boys. We have huge family gatherings every Christmas. It is insane.

Do they rotate these or just keep the same games on special? I am wondering because there are a few games I have my eye on but only one of them is part of this deal right now.

I think they just put stuff on sale for awhile and then start including different things during Cyber Week so be sure to check out the games all week on there. What games are you looking to get on sale?

It appears some of them changed prices and some new ones popped up. Probably better off checking the Cyber Monday section right now though.