Adobe Flash Player Dies Tomorrow

I know most browsers these days block it and only outdated sites run flash these days but there are a lot of flash browser games that will no longer function starting tomorrow. Get your fill if you know of any you will miss. I guess this was a long time coming. I am shocked they didn’t pull the plug sooner.

I didn’t even know it was still a thing honestly. I haven’t seen anyone using this in so long. I don’t play flash games though. I know a lot of games on Miniclip will be affected but it seems like a good number moved to HTML.

2020 is just taking all sorts with it, huh? What a year… lol

I feel like I should have known about this but I don’t remember hearing about them closing it down.

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I won’t miss it. Haven’t used it for anything in years. Any site still using it at this point, or rather as of 2020 was stuck in the past by a good 10 years.


To be fair, much like Ant, I had no idea it was still a thing. I thought people did away with this years ago when better options came to the forefront. I am sure some flash games will be saved and still playable.