Added Glowing Squid?


So glowing squid have been added to Minecraft. I thought this was a joke but it is true. When you find one of these and kill it, it drops a glowing sack (lol) that can be used as a means to have text that lights up in signs.

I don’t know if anyone here plays the game but I thought I would share.

It seems like they been adding a lot of things this coloration to the game.

While I am not into it like I was when I was younger, I still play it now and then. It is a fun game to just chill out to. I don’t play online anymore though. The server where me and my buddies all played on got shut down back in 2015.

I feel like they could have added better things. I say this all the time though. I don’t play it anymore so I don’t care but I know some people who still do play and they have said the same. I mean the squid looks okay but I never cared for the look or use of the other one.

Glowing text sounds cool

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Yeah the glowing text is a cool thing to add though I am not entirely sure what it looks like. I get trying to stick to the lore and general nature of the game so using “new” squid is a good idea.

They should have made the eyes stand out a bit more. I am not sure what it is meant to be based off, in anything. Maybe actual glowing squid? Is that a thing?

If you guys wanna see it. It doesn’t actually glow. I was expecting it to do what glow stone or torches does but no. Maybe they will change this.

When Minecraft first started, I thought it was loaded with so much stuff to do. Now that I don’t play it much anymore, it shocks me the number of things that have been added to the game. I guess they are adding in axolotl as well.

lol im so spoiled now that I cant play the game without mods

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Same here. I need mods, texture packs, the works. Once you have all these cool things added, it is hard to go back. I don’t play nearly as often as I once did but the base game, even with the new creatures, gets boring too fast. I am spoiled now lol