Activision is being sued!?

Activision is facing a copyright infringement suit brought by writer, photographer, and videographer Clayton Haugen, who alleges that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare character Mara is based on a character he created in 2017 for November Renaissance, a story that he hoped to build into a feature film.
-PC Gamer

I saw this and I thought, what the heck? But if they did actually steal the concept of this character for their game, they are going to have to pay a hefty price for doing so. I have to wonder what the heck they were thinking with this. They are asking for a lot because of this. I am not sure it will stick though as I know nothing of the movie.

I don’t know much about the character not having played the game but if he can pinpoint enough references and likenesses, I am sure they will lose something in court. I really don’t know how this kind of legal battle works though.

I never heard of someone suing over a single character. I can’t imagine it’ll go well for him.


I was going to say the same thing. I mean you’d have to be using the same name and same story basis for something to stick and I just can’t picture a CoD game stealing a character. That seems silly.

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Only in America, it seems people are all sue-happy lol

I have a few family members who are lawers and the stuff people sue each other over is insane. Like this one woman was hanging off her neighbor’s fence and the fence broke and she hurt her back so she sued the neighbor. Like what the heck? She was at fault for it.


This is not likely to go anywhere. I would be surprised. Even if they did rip off the character, there are ways to get around it. People use other people’s work for inspiration all the time.

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You guys are probably right, it likely won’t stand up in court considering all the allegations. I think he is just looking to get a bunch of easy money out of something he feels is a rip off of his original creation.