Aaron Greenberg telling fans not to get their hopes up

He tweeted:

You will see us & our social handles promoting tune-in for @thegameawards tomorrow. We hope you support the industry & watch. While we have a couple moments in the show, I would dial expectations way down versus speculation I am seeing, especially how big we went last year!"

So I am thinking this is either a diversion and we will get some big news on something or the show is going to be a complete dud. Anyone plan on watching it today?

I might tune in, I might not. I am not sure. I intended on playing Cyberpunk tonight. I am assuming it will be on after I normally have my dinner so not sure. I don’t really have much of a reason to watch from the sound of it.

Nah I will look at highlights and check results after the show is over. I don’t see the point in watching this year since there isn’t much going on. That and the people who will be part of the awards aren’t really interesting to me.

Yeah I didn’t plan on it. I ended up doing something else and I am glad I did. What was that something else? Helping my brother move furniture. Trust me, it was more entertaining than this would have been.

I skipped out on it and from what I read of the show, I didn’t miss out. So I guess it was fair to tell people not to get their hopes up. The show sounded like a complete dud.

I ended up watching. It was not terrible. I don’t think people missed out on much though. There were times where I just wasn’t even paying attention to it. It was a clean sweep on so many awards for TLOU2 and I think that put a stale taste in many people’s mouths.