A "large scaled" zombie addition for Black Ops Cold War

I saw some news on this and it caught my attention. I was never big on zombie games but I did enjoy the zombie games they made early on. I might be tempted to get the new game (well, not so new anymore) if the zombie’s mode is worth it. I see they are doing it in seasons like other games. Here is what they said about it:

“Continuing the Dark Aether story, Outbreak takes place across massive play spaces throughout the Ural Mountains, packed with new enemies, team objectives, player rewards, and intel to discover on foot, in vehicles, or by jump pads. Whether it’s hunting down elite enemies using a satellite tracker, escorting a Rover that detects dimensional portals, or holding out against zombies in a confined Dark Aether zone, agents of Requiem will need to complete these investigations before they can Exfil… or risk entering a Dark Aether portal to a new region for even more rewards.”

The zombie game isn’t quite the same as it was before. I mean the core concept is there but to me, it just isn’t as fun. This might change that but eh.

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I would rather they have this game be separate at this point. I would love to play it but I am not buying the entire game to play it when I have no interest in the campaign or the standard multi-player.


I said the same thing years ago. I feel like the game is good enough to be a standalone title since it has a lot of fans. I know more people who would rather just play that than buy the whole game vs would rather play the whole game.

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I stopped caring about the zombie games they do when they oversaturated the concept. I liked the first 3 they did but after that, it got to be too much imo.

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I kind of feel what you all are saying. Like the game is good enough to be a standalone title and I feel like CoD is holding it back in some cases. I am not sure how I feel about the direction they are going with this one though.