65 Games Optimized For Xbox Series X/S

I saw this earlier today. They have already optimized 65 titles that will be playable and ready for the next-gen console. Not sure if this is really news-worthy though because you’d expect they had been working on this for a while so people have more games to play on the new consoles. I think they are just announcing it because PS5 is said to have “nothing” to play lol

You are probably right. I have heard a number of people say that there is no point in getting a PS4 “this year” as of 2020 because there weren’t many games at all they could play on there. I think it is fair to say, most people who bought them should have waited until the fall of 2021 when more games were out. I mean it almost always seems senseless to buy new consoles the first year they are released.

I am fine with them doing this, it is good to allow older games to be played on new consoles but promoting it like it is a big deal, not so much. People assumed this was happening because they told them it will. This also kind of hurts people in the long run who bought the console early on because they are less rushed to get new titles out there.

Has PS5 done anything yet? The way they are talking about this (saw several articles on it) one would think they still don’t have much going on for that console. I haven’t gotten either yet. Still too hard to find.

I think they have 10 or so games that are optimized and playable on the new systems. This was as of the end of December so they might have more, I don’t know. I remember people saying this was either the reason they went with Xbox or are waiting to get the new console in general. Not enough things to play on it.

I mean at least they are doing something. It would be a lot worse if they released the new console and had next to nothing to play on it. A lot of people are fine with playing older games as well. Some will even go back and play older games they didn’t before while they wait for new releases.