2020 Has Been Good For Sony!

It is no secret that 2020 has been great for gaming sales in general but for Sony, they had their best year ever. This is down to the game releases of 2020, the success of those games, and the fact that millions were stuck home with nothing to do. It is pretty impressive how an otherwise bad year turned out to be a game-changer for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Most years are good years for Sony, even when they don’t have solid games or meet projected sales. That company dominates so many sectors of the world it is insanity.

I am not suprised. I mean I think overall, Nintendo faired the best in 2020 but that can change since the consoles have come out. I am not sure who is out on top between Microsoft and Sony but I have a feeling it is Sony.

Well, gaming all around really. But yeah, their profit margins are way up. I was looking at different businesses since the COVID mess happened and they made some fat bank!

Covid has hurt small businesses. Corporations like Sony are going to be doing just fine and even better than before. That is the unfortunately reality. I just hope we can start rebuilding stuff and get back to normal by summer 2021.

I don’t remember the last time Sony had a “bad” year though. Does anyone else? I would imagine like what was mentioned already, all gaming sectors had a good year, better than normal.