$20 million prize pool... FOR FORTNITE!?

Epic Games has announced its schedule and format for the 2021 Fortnite Champion Series, including a $20 million prize pool. The announcement includes some significant format changes that longtime FNCS fans and participants have been asking for.

Read this on PC Gamer. What the actual heck?? I have never been into this game, it just doesn’t appeal to me but you can win that much if you are good at the game? That is insane!!

If ever anything would motivate me to get good at a game, it would be 20 million lol

This doesn’t surprise me. There is a lot of money in this game. It is like those CoD team tournaments. I have never been good at team games though.

They do make loads of money and they likely have investors and sponsors who will be forking out the cash for this event. They probably make millions in ad revenue alone.

Tencent owns a stake in Epic which is just a free money machine.

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Nuts but not that nuts. I mean gaming competitions have grown a lot in just the last 10 years. They are bigger deals and draw more viewership than ever before.

Other games have had way bigger prize pools. This doesn’t really shock me considering who backs the game.

That large of a prize pool, for a kids game? That’s ridiculous, you could buy just about every LEGO set with that…

It amazes me what people will invest in. I mean this is better than them sitting at home doing nothing with their lives but now we will have kids growing up thinking they can all be professional gamers and earn millions doing it.