12 Minutes - A very interesting indie game

Has anyone heard of this one?

The game starts you off on a 12 minute loop where your pregnant wife is accused of murder and killed by police and then you are taken back 12 minutes in time to play through everything that happened up until that point. There is no goal. You are meant to find the best outcome.

I added this to my wishlist. These are the kinds of indie games I really enjoy. Not so much horror but thriller and the game itself sounds really fascinating because they essentially just throw you into a scenario with a couple and tell you to figure it out how you think it should be figured out.

Interesting game. I mean I never heard of it. I don’t frequently check Steam games before they release. Will it be on other platforms or just Steam?

A friend of mine told me about this because I have played other games like it in the past. I don’t know what it will end up costing but I will add it to my wishlist.

Going to add this to my list as well. Not sure if I will play it but if the reviews are positive, I might have to get it. I am not one to play this kind of game but the context really is interesting.

A few people on another forum I am on were talking about this.

It is not my kind of game. It is a strange style of play to me. I never got into anything like this.

As far as I know, it will only be on Steam but if it does well, they might end up porting it over to PS5 and Xbox S/X. Never know!