11-year-old Spent £2,400 in Roblox App

My 11-year-old daughter made more than 300 in-app purchases over five days on Roblox, the online games platform, resulting in a £2,400 bill on my wife’s PayPal account.

At the time, my wife was in ICU recovering from a 15-hour operation to remove a brain tumour. Incapacitated, and without access to her phone, she was unable to authorise or monitor this spending.

The first I knew about it was when our bank informed us that we had exceeded our overdraft limit.

My daughter managed to make 48 separate purchases, totalling almost £250, in a single day. At what point does a company step in to investigate this level of activity?

Roblox, Apple and PayPal have all refused to refund the money. I appreciate the comeback on this is better account supervision, but normally my wife picks up purchase notifications via email from PayPal but was unable to do this.
Our 11-year-old daughter ran up a £2,400 Roblox gaming bill | Money | The Guardian

I saw this story and wanted to post it here because I feel like people really don’t pay enough attention to cybersecurity and management. Why would you allow a child to have access to a device where they can buy in-game items? Most 11-year-olds don’t understand the concept. To think that PayPal or Apple has a responsibility to pay you back for your mistake is ridiculous too. I have a friend who had this happen to him with his son who was 8 at the time. He was buying stuff for Fortnite I believe and because my friend wasn’t monitoring him nor had his accounts password protected/pin protected, his kid ran up a hefty bill.

The point I am making is that I think parents need to be better parents if they are going to allow their kids to have access to online games. It makes me mad when they feel they are entitled to something if they don’t do a good enough job.

I agree with you. I sympathize with the mother because she was in the hospital but you can’t expect other people to accept responsibility for you neglecting your child’s activity on a tablet or phone. I don’t think a child under the age of 14 should even be using a smartphone or tablet but that is me.


Child: Spends a lot of money on in-app purchases

Parents: Oh no, Apple or PayPal better pay us back!

ffs this is pathetic. Be smarter with your money and your children. It is not the child’s fault in this case, it is down to the parents and I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

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I get being upset and frustrated and not wanting to blame your kid but you can’t go pointing the finger somewhere else when you mess up as a parent. The world doesn’t work that way.

My neighbor has 4 kids. She stays home to care for them while her boyfriend works and provides for everyone. She was telling me just a few months ago that one of her kids was playing games on her phone, I believe he was 7 years old. He decided to start getting surprise crates or boxes or whatever for the game. They cost $1.99 a pop. She was not paying attention to him for 30 minutes and he managed to buy 56 of them. Had she continued cleaning/cooking without checking in on him, he likely would have spent a lot more. She didn’t blame the app or the phone, she blamed herself because she wasn’t aware her account was still signed in for making purchases after she downloaded the app for him. Most parents don’t react how the ones did in the story.